Abdullah & Hussain is an International law firm engaged in dispensing legal services in all major cities of Pakistan and overseas. We are dedicated to providing the finest collaborative services to our clients according to their legal and business needs. Our commitment to understanding the requirements of our clients’ business equips us in providing innovative solutions for highly complex legal matters. It is through this approach that we offer high levels of excellence and breadth across all our practices.

Our priority is always our clients as our success is driven by theirs. We put their individual needs first and understand the value of building relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. It is in such a relationship that we bring commitment, commercial awareness and legal focus to our service. Our aim is to be the firm of choice for clients, for their most exigent legal challenges, most significant business transactions and most critical disputes.

We distinguish ourselves from our peers because of our approach towards business.  We limit the type of legal issues that we undertake and focus our expertise on matters that require the sophistication, skill and experience of our partners and consequently provide the best service and advice to our clients. We work with our clients as a team and are recognized for our commitment to our clients’ interests.  In addition to this, we work closely with regulators and government bodies so we can stay up-to-date with any developments that take place. This enables us to respond efficiently to any changes that have an effect on our client’s business goals.Our core areas of practice are Arbitration, Corporate and Commercial affairs, Energy, Industrial Relations, Labour Management, Litigation, Merger and Acquisitions, Privatization and Restructuring. In addition to this, we prepare personnel policies for dealing with labourers and management staff which include recruitment, training, promotion, disciplinary action and grievance handling and counsel boards of directors and senior management in critical situations. We also draft bonds, agreements and deeds of different kinds for organizations including rules and regulations for the smooth running of organisations.

We also handle litigation matters and deal with cases from trial courts up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  We also appear before Revenue Authorities, Federal Ombudsman and before special tribunals set up by the Government of Pakistan.