At Abdullah & Hussain we provide winning strategies and immaculate service to clients, who are facing intricate international disputes, in order to resolve issues of great commercial importance through arbitration. Our team offers advice, assistance and representation at all stages of the arbitration process; from drafting dispute resolution clauses, through arbitration, to arbitration-related litigation.

Our main concern in such circumstances is effective and speedy resolution of disputes so the client’s business is disrupted as little as possible. Thus, we practice all avenues of dispute resolution and advice clients as to the most appropriate method in their particular situation. Our lawyers have regularly and successfully handled proceedings under all of the major international arbitration rules.

A & H offers particular expertise in:

  • International commercial arbitration
  • Investment treaty arbitration
  • Multi-jurisdictional disputes
  • Public international law

Our arbitration practice finds us representing clients in many industries that include energy, telecommunications and technology, construction, pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance and manufacturing.